Ruby Drops

$70.00 $35.00

Colour: Dark Red
Cut: Faceted
Shape: Drop
Dimension: Available in 4*5, 6*7,7*10, 8*12, 10*14
Length: 8 inch,10 inch


About the Stone.
The Ruby stone is notable as a dark red gemstone. It is a magnificent stone for energizing your vitality levels, and it might animate your brain to be more positive and confident. Natural Ruby is one of four “valuable” gemstones (counting Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire) known for its rarity, value, and hardness (second just to Diamond). The Mogok Valley in Upper Myanmar (Burma) was the main source of Rubies for many centuries. It is the birthstone for July and the gem for 15th and 40th anniversaries.

Additional Information

Dark Red


4*5, 6*7,7*10, 8*12, 10*14



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