Black Diamonds: Symbolism, Origin and Cuts

Black diamonds are one of the rarest forms of colored diamonds. While the color black can symbolize negativity in life, black diamonds stand for something completely opposite. Black diamond rings symbolize passion, power and strength. This makes it a very desirable and the perfect proposal ring. Since it is also symbolic of power, it is also very popular among people wanting to emit strengthful energy. As white diamonds have long been in trend, black diamonds are known to make quite a statement in the fashion industry. So if you’re looking for something distinctive and one of a kind, this has to be on the top of your list!

Black Diamonds- Good or Bad Luck?

When it comes to black diamonds symbolizing good or bad luck, it is quite debatable. In the old Roman times, gems of all kinds and colors were considered to bring good luck- including black diamonds. They were also a sign of wealth, prosperity and were a status symbol. The ancient Hindus, on the other hand, considered all dark things as a sign of bad luck. Black for example, was the color of Yamraj- the god of death. Nevertheless, black diamond remains as a very popular choice for engagement and proposal rings throughout the world today.  

How does the Black color form?

The color of the black diamond comes from a high amount of graphite present in the stone. The black diamond consists of so many impurities inside it, that they all make the diamond appear black. Found in Central Africa and Brazil, the black diamond is also known to be one of the oldest forms of diamonds- dating back to more than three billion years!

Popular Black Diamond Cuts & Settings

Every diamond has a popular cut. When it comes to black diamonds, you can select from step, brilliant, mixed and solitaire. Confused? We’re here with quick explanations to help you decide the one made for you:

1. Step cut:

Although the step cut is the most popular for Emeralds, it also looks amazing with black diamonds. Step cuts are known to give diamonds a flashy and loud effect, but with black diamonds, it converts it into a more subtle one. Choose the step cut, if you want a toned-down reflective look on the diamond ring.

2. Brilliant cut:

Brilliant cut can either be cone or round shaped. In other diamonds, these cuts give out a very sparkling effect on its 58 facets and the top of the ring. But with black diamond, the light is absorbed resulting in a dazzling effect on the top of the ring.

3. Mixed cut:

If you’re confused between the two cuts, you can choose a combination of the two. Go for a cushion or princess cut which combines the multiple facets for the dazzle and the square or rectangular shape. This is one of the most beautifying cuts for black diamonds.

4. Solitaire setting:

Keep your precious black diamond in any of the above cuts in focus with the popular solitaire setting. Black diamond can be paired with a platinum to make for a gorgeous wedding ring.

5. Halo setting:

Pair up your black diamonds with diamonds of other colors to make for a beautiful wedding ring. Pair this up on a rose gold or gold wedding band and you’ll have a very unique ring at your hands!

Amazed at black diamonds? So are we! If you’re looking for black diamond jewelry for yourself or for a loved one here are some options for you to explore. Scroll away, and we assure you of the best quality, designs and purity.