Black Rutile Quartz Pear Shape

$170.00 $85.00

Cut: Smooth
Shape: Pear
Dimension: Available in 4*5, 6*7,7*10, 8*12, 10*14
Length: 8 inch

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About the Stone..
Quartz is a standout amongst the most common minerals on the Earth’s surface. It is silica-based and frames rhombohedral, kaleidoscopic precious stones in an assortment of sorts, sizes, and hues. A few noteworthy varieties of quartz are gemstones, including amethyst, citrine, jasper and carnelian. Rutilated quartz is maybe the unique assortment of this mineral.Rutilated quartz is known for its lovely, translucent, brilliant yellow to gray-black shading. No two stones are similar making this stone extremely unique… Rutilated quartz has the power to aid sleep and depression, to slow aging and to enhance originality.

Additional Information

Grey Black


Available in 4*6, 6*7,7*10, 8*12, 10*14



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