Ethiopian Opal With Black Spinel Beads

$170.00 $85.00

Cut: Smooth
Shape: Round
Opal-3mm -7mm


About the Stone..
Opals showing play of colors are known as Precious Opals, and opals lacking play of color are known as Common Opals. Jewels can be cut from both the valuable and regular structures, yet Precious Opal is the essential gem type of this stone. There are numerous assortments of both precious and common Opals. The most desirable opal is White Opal, with a light colored body shading (white, yellow, cream, and so on.) with the solid play of shading followed by Fire Opal, or Mexican Fire Opal, which is transparent to translucent with a deep orange-red type of Common Opal. Opal is an October birthstone.

This product combines the beauty of Black Spinel with Ethiopian Opal

Additional Information

Opal-3mm -7mm; Spinel-2mm-4mm


Cream and Black


Value1, Value2

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